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About Leverate

All channels. One agency.

Leverate Media is an independent media agency focused on efficient media strategies across all advertising platforms.

Our mission is to get the right message through the channel to the right audience. We combine excellent media auditing know-how with effective media buying and media planning to provide our clients with best-in-class service across all channels – digital and social media, TV, print, outdoor and radio.

We have served numerous clients from all industries, including the travel, healthcare, automotive, furniture, food & beverage and software and IT industries as well as clients with fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). 

At Leverate, we deliver strong sales performance & lead generation because we know how to engage your customers and build your brand.


    Each of our clients has specific objectives, challenges and focus areas.

    This is why we listen to your individual needs to create tailor-made solutions that deliver against your business growth ambitions.

    Performance driven

    We achieve top results because we put performance and data-driven insights at the heart of your campaign.

    Our in-depth insights add real value to your business.

    Passionate talent &
    innovative thinking

    We are passionate about media and innovation in advertising.

    Our talented media buying and planning specialists work hard to make your life easier and take your campaigns to the next level.


    Leverate Media is a rapidly growing, independent media agency, founded in early 2013 in Berlin, Germany. Our vision is to provide best-in-class media services that focus on high-performing channel and placement combinations.

    To date, the Berlin headquarter has been complemented by offices in Cologne, London, Munich, New York, Jakarta and Singapore which support companies from all over the world in scaling their business effectively. Since the very beginning, our clients highly value our transparency, hard working attitude and our analytical approach. Leverate Media’s unique company structure and network in the German, European and global media industry open up exciting new opportunities for companies with a strong media performance focus.

    Our regional headquarter in Singapore together with our sales office in Jakarta cater for campaigns in Asia-Pacific and have to date executed campaigns in key markets in the region, including Australia, Cambodia, French Polynesia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more.



    Strong branding and brand awareness are crucial to achieve long-term success in the market.

    Our experts support you in creating effective media strategies to achieve these goals.


    Our media planning team combines strong knowledge across all channels with expertise in multiple markets and industries.

    We deliver campaigns globally, planned by our local experts – a perfect one-stop-shop solution for all.


    We back all media buying with comprehensive offline and online media planning.

    We buy at top rates across all online and offline channels, including search, social media, TV, print and radio ensuring maximum reach and impact for our clients’ investments.


    Our unique tracking, planning and delivery framework ensures efficient media delivery and campaign results.

    As part of our full-service approach we provide for the creation of all required media and artwork, including online banners or landing pages.


    Continuous monitoring and optimization enable us to  focus on the  best performing placements.

    This way we make sure that your media budget is spent efficiently, providing the best ROI for your company.


    Weekly reporting gives you deep insights into media performance, budget spend and channel optimization.

    Our strategic recommendations provide powerful insights on customer behaviour and make it easy for you to navigate the numbers.

    In today’s world, consumers consume and engage with media in a number of ways, online on their laptops, on their mobile devices or through divers offline placements. At Leverate, we know how to combine placements and channels effectively to cater for each stage of the sales funnel, from initial customer contact to actual conversion.

    Effective communication is key for successfully selling a product or service. At Leverate, we believe in utilizing campaign insights delivering the most efficient messages. Our campaign tracking gives you deep insights on customer behaviour, interests and target group segmentation.

    Furthermore, we are always on the look out to leveraging new media opportunities for our clients and encourage clients wherever possible to strive for multiple, integrated media touch-points with their audiences – to ensure your campaigns are both impactful and effective.

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    Sebastian Erasmus

    Managing Director

    & Co-Founder


    Before Leverate Media GmbH, Sebastian Erasmus worked for United Internet Media AG (UIM), Germany’s Internet portal giant #1, in Munich and Karlsruhe. As a Management Consultant and Business Developer, Sebastian managed the company’s M&A and Joint Venture projects, implemented and developed the mobile monetization strategy for two of the most popular apps in Germany (WEB.DE/GMX), optimized and innovated major annual contracts with the firm’s top media agencies and was in charge of numerous projects of the CEO and management board.

    During his time at the company Sebastian realized there was great need for an alternative media monetization strategy, in particular one that would offer a feasible approach to the challenges in the German mobile market. M&A projects revealed that dozens of interesting start-ups with brilliant business ideas and models could not achieve the “critical mass” required to push their young businesses into the next step of growth. This seemed prominent especially in the digital industry where reach and a broad customer base determine if a new success story will be written or a strong idea will wither away.

    Backed-up by an influential and powerful network of supporters and advisors, both in the German and international media and M&A industry, Sebastian decided to found Leverate Media GmbH with media expert Stephan Rau. The desire to optimize monetization of media assets and scale business models of young enterprises became Sebastian and Leverate’s vision.

    Prior to Leverate Media GmbH and UIM, Sebastian worked in the Strategic Audio Product Development at Sony Europe Ltd. in Weybridge, Surrey, UK.

    Education: Sebastian holds a M.Sc. degree from the University of Manchester – Manchester Business School, UK, as well as a German Diplom in Media Management partly completed at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Sebastian combines the fields of media management, business administration, international business and M&A/Insolvency , and has demonstrated great competence in mastering his unique setup of specializations in several major M&A and development projects.

    Hobbies: Sebastian’s passion is traveling. Three years ago he completed a road trip by car from Cologne (Germany) to Kathmandu (Nepal) and back via Silk Road. In addition, he enjoys sports, daily running in particular, which help him recover from the long days and nights at work.

    Sebastian Erasmus

    Managing Director
    & Co-Founder
    Christian Hubel

    Christian Hubel

    Chief Representative Officer

    Christian Hubel

    Christian Hubel is Chief Representative Officer and responsible for managing partnerships, clients and campaigns in the local office in Jakarta, Indonesia and the Southeast Asian market. Before moving to Jakarta, he was Key Account Manager for Leverate Media in Berlin, Germany and Vice President Media in Singapore, where he managed big campaigns for major international and local clients, besides challenges in project management and partner acquisition.

    Before joining Leverate Media, Christian was founder and CEO of e-commerce startup 99tastes and worked as self-employed consultant for different digital companies and projects, where he was responsible for e-commerce strategies, marketing projects or product management for launching various online consumer platforms.

    Education: Christian holds a Bachelor in Media Management at Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences in Munich. He wrote his final thesis about the challenges for classic publishing houses in times they need to transform into multimedia companies by acquiring online start-ups or creating own digital business models.

    Christian Hubel

    Chief Representative Officer

    Eva Weidinger

    Vice President

    Business Development


    Eva Weidinger is Vice President Business Development and responsible for business development activities in Singapore. Before joining Leverate Media, Eva worked as an Industry Analyst at a global consultancy specialised in telecoms, media and technology, advising Tier 1 mobile network operators on their mobile data tariff structure and marketing strategies. In addition, she supported technology companies from a number of sectors, including IT, life sciences and high-value manufacturing, with market entry strategies. Furthermore, she managed several projects as web design freelancer.

    Education: Eva holds a Master of Science in Global Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Media Technology and Design and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She also earned a diploma in Graphic and Communication Design. Eva combines a dedication to achieving strong performance with comprehensive experience in working with clients from a number of different industries.

    Hobbies: Eva’s passion lies in Japanese martial arts and she trains regularly in Aikido and Kenjutsu. She is a keen traveller and photographer and likes to spend her free time outdoors.

    Eva Weidinger

    Vice President
    Business Development
    Vanessa Schoeller

    Vanessa Schoeller

    Vice President

    Media Consulting

    Vanessa Schoeller

    Vanessa Schoeller is Vice President Media Consulting and responsible for managing partnerships, clients and campaigns in the local office in Singapore and the Southeast Asian market.
    Before joining Leverate in Singapore, Vanessa was a Consultant and Account Manager with the Branding Department of Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany, one of Europe’s most renown creatively driven advertising agencies. Vanessa has realized large rebranding and brand positioning campaigns for substantial German and European clients including publically listed companies and government ministries.
    Vanessa also has several years of experience as an Account and Project Manager with Saint Elmo’s, Munich, Germany, a member of the Serviceplan Group. She developed and executed integrated B2C and B2B advertisement campaigns for national and international clients.
    Being a true marketing, branding and advertising professional, her focus is on marketing communication as the strategic driver for creating value for organizations.

    Education: Vanessa holds a German Diploma in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from the University of Augsburg, Germany, partly completed at the University of Trento, Italy. In her work and studies, she has always focused on advertising and branding combined with efficient project and key account management.

    Hobbies: Vanessa loves to travel and has done many trips in and around Asia over the past years. She enjoys discovering the art, architecture and culinary treats of new cultures. Vanessa is a passionate skier and mountaineer and appreciates yoga to relax from busy day-to-day work.

    Vanessa Schoeller

    Vice President
    Media Consulting


    Leverate values excellence and is constantly looking for talented and extraordinary people. Join us to become a part of Leverate and to work with people of a truly outstanding caliber. We are working on exciting projects that will not only challenge you on a daily basis, but also provide you with tremendous growth potential.

    Please contact us at info[at] if you are interested in being part of Leverate Media Asia!

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